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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Reviews and recommendations

Crawley U3A Oct 2006
"Thank you for a most enjoyable an informative talk. It was obvious that tracing your Hornicks had become a passion in you life,and it was fascinating to see how you unravelled the various skeins that finally led to success. I think everyone is interested in where they come from, but do not realise the amount of work that has to be put in to give the results. I particularly like your account of the origin of the macaronis : the idea of dandies scoffing plates of pasta is delightful"

Worthing Branch of the Sussex Family history group May 2005
" You kept us totally engrossed in your family history and vividly brought to life a period of history. We learnt so much from you and especially brought home the importance of putting our ancestors in their social economic and historical background. We were amazed at the range of sources you used.

Windsor, Slough and Maidenhead Branch of Berkshire Family History Society
" a fascinating talk with wonderful illustrations!"

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Family History at Your Fingertips –
a talk and an interactive workshop session aimed at would-be family historians and their friends , family and “supporters”. All are welcome to come along and share their stories and discoveries.
Moira is an enthusiastic self taught family historian and who will introduce the session with an illustrated presentation. She gives several talks based on her own research and will use extracts to demonstrate how to start with the scantiest information using old documents or diaries, family photographs or anything you can find which captures your imagination and inspires you to start looking for information
Moira’s talks are presented in a unique way. Whilst telling the stories of the people and families involved, she also tries to paint a picture of the life and times in which they lived. So they are, truly, family histories.

Root and Branch family history group was a club I ran for six months in my local village. it was a friendly and informal group and could be restarted at a venue near you!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

My Talks

My newest talk" Finding the Needle in the Haystack" - researching your London Ancestors - was given to the Sussex Family History Group in Chichester on Wednesday 25th November.
My latest talk

. " Finding the Needle in the Haystack" - researching your London Ancestorswas given to the Sussex Family History Group in Chichester on Wednesday 25th November

" My Granny's Photos"
is the first talk I ever gave and it show how I used Victorian photos to start researching my family history.

" The Military Macaroni" - concentrates on Charles Horneck.

This subject was featured in a BBC" Making History" programme

“A Nest of Hornecks” is based on the lives of the Horneck family: Charles, Mary (the ‘Jessamy Bride’) and Catherine (‘Little Comedy’).. Their story encompasses duels, elopements, divorces, scandals and other intrigues and gives a flavour of life in London at the time of George III. .

" Harps, Haarnacks and the Naked Chef"
is about my quest to find out more about my ancestors' harp making business in London and how I traced back to 1808.
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